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DPI Plastics

The Hamilton’s brand has a history dating back more than 200 years, and is a renowned, global leader in the manufacture of high quality paintbrushes and rollers.

Known for creating ‘the perfect finish’, our extensive range of paint applicators is designed for both commercial painters and creative DIY painters.

As a specialist manufacturer of paintbrushes and paint rollers in South Africa, we strictly adhere to the highest quality standards and accepted best practices in manufacture.

We offer 7 dedicated product ranges:

  • Original: natural bristle brushes and 100% sheepskin rollers
  • Earthwise: natural bristle brushes
  • Perfection: ensign and angled brushes, and foam, velour and microfiber rollers
  • Professional: bristle-blend brushes, and polypile and 100% mohair rollers
  • Utility: natural bristle brushes and woolpro rollers
  • Specialist: fibreglass, radiator, wood, roof, waterproofing and whitewashing brushes, and textured foam and corrugated rollers
  • Viva: brushes and mock mohair rollers
  • Accessories, including scrapers, dropsheets, handles, extension poles, brush sets, tray sets